Sunday, November 14, 2010

WIne List Please

With Thanksgiving around the corner I thought I'd add a few wine picking tips, but first lets start with...."Le Corkscrew"
A good corkscrew can make opening a bottle of wine the simple pleasure it ought to be.
The festive bottle of wineadds to thefun of any occasion. But many people face the prospect of uncorking a bottle with uncertainty,if not downright trepidation. Happily a good corkscrew can turn the trick for you. The best corkscrews are simple to use , widely available and inexpensive. They can be purchased in most department stores and some grocery stores. Before you buy look at the end of the corkscrew it should not be centered, but should be aligned with or a continuation of the spirals. Ideally the screw should be 2 to 21/2 inches long with rounded or flattened edges.  The "T" corkscrew is a very basic one and provides the least amount of help for removing the cork. Once inserted it relies on you to do the pulling.  The "Waiters Corkscrew" is the one most often used in restaurants. It resembles a fat pocket knife with a curved knife on one end and a lever on the other with the corkscrew in the middle. The knife protion is used to cut andremove the capsule covering the top of the bottle . The corkscrew is inserted with the lever extended.  After the corkscrew is fully inserted the lever is pressed down to help draw out the cork.

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