CASSIUS CLAY...SONNY LISTON...LEON SPHINX...GEORGE FOREMAN AND SUGAR RAY LEONARD...these are just a few of the names I grew up with. Not that I was a big fan of boxing. The truth be known my Dad was..and he had dominion over the television on the weekends. This was how my Dad and I spent "quality time" together. We were either watching footbball, baseball, boxing or wrestling, while sharing a big bowl of Boiled Peanuts.  The most intriguing thing about watching boxing I must say was the thought of seeing a "cauliflower ear"! As a child this idea fascinated me and I was forever inquiring of my Dad while intensely watching the fights,
                                       "Hey Dad does he have a cauliflower ear?"
This has absolutely nothing to do with the contents of this site. It does have everything to do with my Dad as he is the author.
                                       CHEF FRED OLIVER/CHIEF MASTER SGT
                                          August 27, 1929-October 18, 1983

Lead Chef for over 30 years and a collector of many treasures including thebest1-2punchrecipes

Buried under a mountain of cookbooks, restaurant menus, magazines, newspaper clippings, and hundreds of handwritten recipes, a discovery was made in the private library of my Dad Chef Fred Oliver.
A TREASURE CHEST OF RECIPES of every imaginable punch was uncovered. Preserved in a four inch thick three ringed binder, bursting out of the rings and contained in a box to catch any fallout, 1000's  of handwritten recipes on napkins, torn out of newspapers and magazines, the sides of boxes and labels all held safely together, became mine.  This box accompanied me on my many moves throughout the Western United States for 27 years. Until it was brought back to it's final resting place in a new yellow box on a shelf next to my bed and now is enclosed in the contents of this blog.
After gingerly sifting through mountains of recipes and categorizing this GOLDMINE of punch recipes, they are ALL now available to share with the world.
This is the Best and Most Complete collection of Punch Recipes you will ever find. There are recipes for every occasion.
Also piled in along with the recipes and pasted on each page were nostalgic party planning tips and etiquette suggestions straight from the 50's. THE GENERATION THAT REALLY KNEW HOW TO THROW A PARTY! This is my fathers legacy. This is his collection.

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