Tuesday, December 21, 2010

How many Eggnog Recipes do you have?

I remembered seeing alot of eggnog recipes in my Dads collection so I thought tonight I would sift through the box and see just how many ways one could think of to make egg nog. A drink that is traditionally Christmas and not everyone can appreciate and now with the raw egg warnings I dare say a bit risky. I found 10, but I am only posting the ones that are made with processed store bought eggnog. However as I was looking through the box I stumbled upon a gem of a holiday recipe that looks absolutely delicious.  Not to mention it makes a perfect end to our Wine selection series.

1 can (1pound and 14 ounces) pitted dark sweet cherries
2 tbs cornstarch
few grains salt
1/4 cup sugar
1/4 cup orange juice
1/4cup burgandy wine (or other red dinner wine)
Drain cherries, reserving liquid. Combine cornstarch, salt and sugar. Blend in cherry syrup and orange juice. Bring to boiling stirring constantly until clear and thickened. Stir in burgandy and cherries. Heat slight. Serve warm over firm ice cream . Makes about 3 and 1/2 cups

Royal eggnog
2 quarts vanilla ice cream
4 cups hot strong coffee
4 cups whiskey
1 cup light rum grated nutmeg
mix the ice cream and coffee until ice cream melts. stir in the whiskey and the rum sprinkle with nutmeg (gee I guess  this one doesn't even need eggs)

A Mans eggnog
1/2 half bottle of Dark or light Bacardi rum about 12 ounces into a quart of dairy eggnog mix.
fold in one cup of whipped heavy cream
chill then stir and sprinkle lightly with nutmeg.

Quickie eggnog
In blender mix 5 ounces of Bacardi rum and a pint of vanilla or eggnog icecream Just sprinkle with nutmeg and serve.

Old English Syllabub
I threw this one in, not really an egg nog, but very interesting! 
some of the syllabub recipes used to call for milk "warm and frothy from the cow" Then some families turned to wine. We use heated lemon juice and a blender. If you prefer a cold syllabub, don't heat the lemon juice
1 cup sugar
3 egg yolks
1/2 cup fresh or reconstituted lemon juice
3 egg whites
 2 cups heavy cream stiffly beaten
in a blender, beat 3 egg yolks at medioum speed until thick and pale, gradually adding 1 cup sugar. With motor still running, pour in 1/2 cup heated lemon juice. In a medium bowl, beat 3 egg whites until stiff. Fold into lemon mixture. Spoon into individual serving dishes. Pipe or swirl each serving with stiffly beaten heavy cream. Sprinkle with nutmeg if desired. 
YIELDS: 8 servings

3 eggs, separated
3/4 cups sugar
1/4 tsp salt
1 quart milk scalded
1/2 tsp vanilla
1 quart dairy egg nog
place egg yolks in top of double boiler. Beat in 1/2 cup sugar and salt, gradually add scalded milk. cook on double boiler stirring occasionally, until mixture coats a spoon about 1/2 hour. Remove from heat, chill and then add vanilla. In a separate bowl, beat egg whites until foamy, gradually add 1/4 cup sugar, beat until stiff peaks are formed. Remove custard mixture from refrigerator, add egg whites to custard mixture and beat until smooth. Pour dairy eggnog into punchbowl, turn custard mixture into eggnog and stir until blended. 
YIELDS:25 servings

Eggnogging tips:
Eggnogs only requirment is to be well chilled. Freeze an additional quart of dairy eggnog in a ice ring mold, float in punchbowl. Give a flip of the nutmeg grater or shaker as it goes into cup or bowl and served with the simplest of accompaniments. ie cheese pastry or crisp butter cookies.
Of course there are tricks of garnishment you may employ like folding in a small quantity of not too stiffly beaten eggwhite to supply a bit of surface fluff on which to sprinkle nutmeg or cinnamon shaved chocolate or grated orange rind. I think I would use whipped heavy cream.

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