Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Magic of Champagne

Adapted from a wine pamphlet from sometime in the 1950's

Adventure into a more exciting way of life with the magic of Champagne!
Not expensive, it is delightfully gay, bubbling with its own natural effervescence.
The ultimate in fragrance, flavor and bouquet.
Champagne has become a revered tradition at important and festive occasions.
Best of all it makes an occasion of any moment...goes with any food,before during or after meal, or without meal!
Choose the type that best suits your taste, and makes your life most joyous!
*Brut is the driest
*Sec is really semi-dry or medium sweet
*Doux(sweet) is the sweetest Champagne of all.
*Pink Champagne, sometimes labeled Rose' or Sparkling Rose', is usually a little less dry than Champagne. It is a wine for luncheons or in the afternoon.
*Sparkling Burgandy is rich bubbling, ruby-red Champagne.
Chill all the sparkling wines well, before serving.
I'll toast to that...."clink"

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