Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A pleasant diversion

My daughter and I recently took a road trip to our favorite get away city...Seattle! We always stay at the same Hotel which is about a mile away from the Market and we enjoy the refreshing seaside walk. It was so "big city" to see the streets crowded with people mostly couples, mostly trendy dressers, on this blustery chilly Saturday before Valentines Day. The minute we hit the Hotel we ditched our bags and were on our way to Pikes Street Market, where we always start our adventure. On the way back it started to rain, then pour, then raining sideways. We tried to use the buildings as a shield but soon realized we were not prepared for this weather. So we sought refugee in one of the many cafes in this exciting city.
We ended up in Macrina which turned out to be one of Seattle Best Bakerys and Pastry shops as rated by Bon Appetit Magazine. We setttled in at a table by the window, watching the rain come down and all the people come and go.  Wanting to warm up we ordered the soup... Tomatoe bacon and one of Macrinas famous Brioche ( a knot filled with sauted onions). and a glass of Mimosa. To our surprise, we were blessed with a small loaf of sour dough baguette and fresh fruit before our meal. We spent a very long time eating and then enjoyed a perfect cappucino before braving the half mile walk back to our hotel and a hot bath.http://www.macrinabakery.com/cafes/belltown/index.html

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Junebug Furniture and Design said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time!

Hugs to you and Reilly