Friday, July 1, 2011


sorry I don't know how to flip it!
I have driven past this mailbox for the past 16 years located on a back country road that eventually leads to my home. Over the years it has changed colors, from white to yellow and now to this patriotic red white and blue! This year I was fortunate enough to meet the owners and they told me a most charming story. The woman of the house made cakes for a living. Their home was not zoned for business, so her husband devised the mailbox "sign" to let people know where they were located. Her shop is a quaint little cottage built behind their main home. She told me this is the third mailbox that her husband made. the other two were destroyed by young vandals. I guess over the years, it became a sort of rite of passage that the youths would drive by and take a swing at it with a baseball bat. The current patriotic version, is made of solid steel and weighs over 360 pounds. The owners definately get the last laugh as they listen at night when would be vandals attempt to smash the box! I can only imagine it being like a road runner cartoon, and the box is not moved but the assailant is vibrating in mid air! Happy 4th of July!
Be sure to check out the tutorial on this 4th of July Cake at Cup of Jo!
 What's more American than an exciting baseball game( G Newman Lowrance) and heres a local pic of  my favorite Hoopsfest teams, WAKE THE RESIDENT!
Check out  Icebox ready to make his famous 3 pointer shot to win the game.
I love how the color of his hair makes this shot very 4th of July, thanks Timo!
ps. I am featured in a cameo in this pic...guess who?
click on picture to see video of the game


Junebug Furniture and Design said...

How sweet! I love the cake mail box! Your music is back too!!! Sweet Elvis!

xo Glad

Olga said...

Excellent post. And a lovely story about the mailbox.