Sunday, December 4, 2011


The 111th Stategic Reconnaissance Wing was originally activated as the 391st Bombardment group on 21 January 1943.  It later participated in the European Theater and was awarded battle credits for 6 campaigns. the 391st was reactivated as the 111th Bombardment group in December 1948 as an Air Natitonal Guard unit. On 1April 1951 it was inducted into active Federal Service and assigned to Fairchild Airforce Base where it is since been converted to a strategic reconnaissance wing.

I had planned to post a punch called Pearl Harbor Grog but somehow it did not seem to be appropriate. So instead this bit of history about the base that my Dad worked at primarily and where he decided to settle and raise his family. Needless to say Airshows were a common event around our home as well as sonic booms!

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Olga said...

This is a perfect post for me, because my uncle was a pilot. Thank you very much.