Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I found this card in the box of recipes, it is from Wheelus Air  Base in Tripoli Libya. It is a pass for the "mess hall" the year is 1966.
here is the protocol listed on the back of card:
1. Dress will be outlined in current Wheelus Air Base regulations
2. A member will be allowed two guests. The wife or date of a member is not considered a guest. On specials occasions it will be necessary to curtail the guest privilege, due to lack of space. An Airman will not be considered a guest.
3. This membership Card is not to be sold or loaned.
4. The steward on duty is responsible for discipline and dress in the mess. Your cooperation is urgently requested.
5. No member will molest or interfere with the show on entertainment nights.

Number 5 intrigues me, in a sad way.

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