Sunday, September 26, 2010


Lets start with DARJEELING!
Darjeeling Black tea derives its name from the Darjeeling District of Northern India, high in the Himalayan Mountain Range,where this tea is grown.  The characteristic climate prevailing at these high altitudes are perfect for the growth and production of a truly mellow and rare tea.
The growth cycle of the tea plant is a very short period (2-3 weeks).
Darjeeling is a fully fermented tea. The process of fermentation is mechanically induced and very carefully controlled. This controlled process of fermentation, is a combination of firing and then  careful selection of top quality leaf that gives the delightful bouquet and distinct winey flavor to Darjeeling tea!


1-2Punch said...

Hey just in case anyone tries to find my website, I have been having some technical difficulty uploading still working on it though so have patience.

1-2Punch said...

This was a bit of tea trivia I found in my Dads punch recipe collection. If you enjoy it I have alot more to share.