Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Pouring the wine

If you are having red wine, open the bottle one to two hours before you need it and serve the wine at room temperature,(65-68 degreesF) All white,pink and sparkling wines should be chilled (42-45 degrees F) and opened just a few minures before serving.
Champagne and sparkling wines should never be opened with a corkscrew!
To open a bottle of sparkling wine properly, first remove the wire and the foil covering the cork. Wrap the bottle in a towel or napkin and hold the bottle at a slight angle. Using a napkin for a better grip, grasp the cork firmly and twist it toward you while turning the bottle in the opposite direction. As the cork nears the top of the bottle, the gas inside will force it the rest of the way out. After the cork has been removed, keep the bottle at an angle for a few seconds until the pressure inside has been equalized with that outside the bottle. If the bottle is held upright you could end up with a gush of wine accompanying the escaping gas.