Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I found these hand written menus in one of my Dads cookbooks that my sister has and made copies of them. I remember my dad sitting in his chair late at night always scribbling on a pad of notebook paper. I never really knew what he was thinking about or writing about and I guess this was a big part of it.
Here are just a few samples:
Seafood cocktail with lemon wedge
Southern Fried Chicken
Buttered Rice with cheese sauce
Fresh Spring Peas
Deviled egg salad with lettuce leaf
Blushing peach with cranberry topping
Rolls and butter
coffee and tea
Seafood cocktail withlemon wedge
Roast Sirloin of Beef Au jus
Whipped potatoes
Carottes vichy
Caesar salad
Chilled spiced apricots
Rolls and butter
Coffee and tea
Chicken croquettes with supreme sauce
Stuffed egg salad in crisp lettuce bed
Baked Cling Peach with cranberry Topping
Hot Rolls with butter
coffee and tea
New England Dinner
Corned Beef Brisket
Tiny white Potatoes
Simmered Cabbage
Golden Glow Salad
Glorified Rice Pudding (this one had with lemon sauce crossed out, he must of felt it would have clashed with the cabbage...my guess)
Rolls and butter
coffee and tea
Seafood cocktail with lemon wedge
Virginia Baked Ham with fruit sauce
Sweet Potatoe Souffle en orange cups
Buttered Peas and carrots
Pear and cottage cheese salad
Pineapple sherbet
rolls and butter
coffee and tea

I like his creative use of fruit for his dessert choice and the simplicity and downhome goodness of each menu. These must have been from his days at the NCO club, which is non commissioned officers club. A home away from home for alot of our service men and women.


Priya Sreeram said...

the menu card is wow-- the salad and the dessert choices are too good !

Junebug Furniture and Design said...

I remember dad sitting on the basement floor with stacks and stacks of cookbooks all around him,scribbling on a notepad.
I do the same thing,sometimes its design books and sometimes I get lost in old cookbooks too.
Love that memory, thanks for reminding me sis.
Hugs, Glad

Quay Po Cooks said...

Great daily menu.