Wednesday, January 26, 2011


If your planning a party with an iced punch, you can prevent the ice from watering down the beverage by pre-freezing ice cubes made from the punch's basic ingredient. For a ginger ale based punch for example, freeze a couple of ice trays full of ginger ale , for an orange punch, freeze orange juice.

  • When using Ginger Ale: Chill well, always add just before serving
  • For quick service: prior to event fill cups with punch, pass cups on trays, serve refills from punch bowls.
  • For extra quick service: (for punch without sparkling water) Fill cups ahead place on trays inrefrigerator. Chill rest of punch in bottles.
  • The Ice: ice dilutes flavor so use small ice block rather than cubes.
  • Leftover Punch: Freeze in ice cube trays. Use to chill fruit juices, Iced tea or when making favorite fruit jelly use unflavored gelatin omit sugar and substitute leftover punch for liquid.
  • Things to float in punch: melon balls, strawberries, lemon, orange or lime slices, twists of orange and lemon peel, thick banana slices(for milk punchs) summer blossoms, ivy or mint leaves,small scoops of sherbet
  • To make ice blocks: Freeze water in 8x8x2 pan , heart shaped pan or ring mold.( I have used cool whip containers and they are the perfect size) Unmold, float in punch bowl. If desired top with tiny bouquet for the bride or roses for the sweet sixteen. You can freeze fresh fruit in fruit juice instead of water to make a block. 


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Hi Sis! Wonderful ideas! Do you remember the punch dad made for my wedding? He made a heart shaped ice block full of strawberries and flowers....another memory I had forgotten. Thanks for reminding me.



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Hi, regarding ur q'n about rose water, i bought them from Indian stores, its quite cheaper than preparing..hope this helps u..

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Elisabeth said...

Such good tips for the ice cubes freezing them in larger plastic containers, or heart shaped. Perfect idea for holiday parties!

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Thanks for the useful tips dear...

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