Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My ko-zun Katie

Rules Of The Award:
List 10 facts about yourself
Tag 10 other bloggers
Tell them about the award!

Ten Facts:

My sweet little cousin Katie (of the "A Kate Day Blog") gave me an award, I am honored. So like my cousin I don't know if these are interesting to you but they are facts...

1. I have a "tatoo" under my left eye, that I received at a very young age. (1 yr)
2. My sister was a lead pencil wielding "tatoo artist" at a very young age. (2 yr)
3. I have met 2 other people not related to my sister with the same "tatoo"
4. I love the color pink, but only the color that appears during certain sunsets.
5. I can't stand the thought of eating a banana, never have...but I like banana bread and strawberry/banana smoothies.
6. I have a photo of Mick Jager on my living room wall, playing the harmonica at a concert my friend went to in Seattle and somehow was able to take this amazing shot.
7. This is not about me but I find it interesting that I know it. Led Zeplin once opened for another band in my city and the band was "Vanilla Fudge"which for those of you youngsters was a sort of one song wonder band.
8. People say that the ability to roll your tongue is heriditary, but I actually taught myself, one lazy summer in my youth. I also learned how to whistle with 2 fingers like people do when they whistle for their dogs and such. That summer my cousin (Kates mom) took a  clover leaf and stuck it on her eyeball like a contact. Ha Ha
9. I once found a womans contact in a patch of strawberries. It was one of those scenes where someone says, "don't move I just lost my contact" I looked down and it was like I had spidy vision,  reached down and picked it up, just like that.
10. I find it interesting that the more you talk to God the clearer you hear His voice. So I do it all the time now. 

I would like to pass this award on to the following blogs.


Priya Sreeram said...

nice to know abt u- a few of the things had me in splits ! and thanks a ton for sharing the well deserved award with me ! cheers !!

Junebug Furniture and Design said...

Sis, I've been practicing my "tatoo" skills! Hee Hee

Hugs, Glad

1-2Punch said...

To Priya, you are most welcome, your blog is a wealth of kreativity, please pass it on to your favs! and to my sis ...just who are practicing on?