Monday, September 19, 2011


You'll need mixers for whatever liquor you choose.
these first three are essential
  1. club soda
  2. gingerale
  3. a pitcher of ice water
also popular are:
  1. quinine water
  2. bitter lemon
  3. coke 
  4. orange juice
  5. tomatoe juice
  6. and of course there are the prepared cocktail mixers you can buy at the grocery store
Only one or two bottles of each and your list should be complete.
Garnishes are needed for the party include:
  1. olives always pitted
  2. maraschino cherries with a stem
  3. limes for wedges
  4. lemons for peel
  5. some orange slices in case someone wants an old fashioned
  6. and perhaps a bottle of cocktail onions
Be sure to have enough ice on hand. Figure on 4 ice cubes per drink or a dozen per person. Always have extra. If you store the supply in the refrigerator cover it, as ice will pick up food odors, and Scothch that tastes of broccoli will bother even the most understanding of your friends. When you mix your drinks add the ice first to avoid splashing. Drinks also chill faster when the liqud is poured over the ice cubes.


Pet said...

Plus extra olives for me, because I always end up eaten loads of them:-)

1-2Punch said...

my fav is the maraschino cherries, I have good memories of going to the club with my dad and he would always have someone fix me a coke with a few cherries floating on top and drink it with a skinny straw!

cookingvarieties said...

hi 1-2punch,you have many great party tips here.
thanks, never knew that ice takes the smell of food in the fridge. i like cold drinks with ice. also like maraschino cherries with punch/