Monday, October 31, 2011


Well as I have promised ( or threatened) here are the two scariest punch recipes ever, and very timely I must say! Have a Happy Halloween!

For something different for the Holidays, try Dr. Pepper hot! It's devilishly different! Easy to prepare: heat Dr. Pepper in saucepan until it steams. Pour into glass or cup over a thin lemon slice and serve piping hot....I am actually sipping on one right now and it is surprisingly similar to a hot apple cider. I like it!

The second one I will just quote a classic commercial, "I'm not gonna try it...lets get Mikey!"

4 cans beef boullion
1 fifth vodka
1 tsp tabasco
Pour mixture over block of ice in a bowl and garnish with l sliced lemon. Serves 25
It does sound like one that could land you on your head!

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Pet said...

Not for me either but I guess it can be a moment for everything :-)