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This was a difficult task for me posting ten at a time, for some reason it deterred me from wanting to sit down and blog. So you can be sure I won't be following this format for future posts. However I am determined to complete the posting of every recipe by the end of this year, so wish me luck, it seems never ending...and Oh by the way I have not been a very organized recorder of which ones I have posted and which ones I have not sooooo, you may see a repeat or two. Just sayin..

Here's a really different one to start out the next 10!
Hot and hearty with tomato-boullion flavor,2 bottles (24 oz ach) Holland House Bloody Mary Mix
1 can (10oz) condensed beef boullion, diluted as directed
1 fifth vodka
2 lemons thinly sliced
freshly ground pepper
Combine Bloody Mary Mix and diluted beef boullion in a saucepan, bring to aboil. Pour into punch bowl;stir i vodka, Garnish each serving with a lemon slice. Pass the pepper mill around.
YIELDS: 26 servings

2 cups hot strong tea
1 cup granulated sugar
1 cup orange juice
1/2 cup fresh lemon juice
1 pt chilled gingerale
1 pint orange sherbet
pour hot tea over sugar in pitcher , stir until sugar dissolves, add juices .Chill and then place in punch bowl, add ginger ale, spoon in sherbet
YIELDS:16 servings

an elegant punch with a delicate citrus flavor and color, worthy of happy occassions
2 bottles of Holland House Daiquiri Mix
1 quart water
1 fifth rum
1 pkg frozen peaches and frozen strawberries ( 10 oz each)
2 bottles lemon soda 28 oz each
Combine 1 bottle of Daiquiri mix with water in a 1- 1/2 quart mold that will fit punch bowl. Freeze sold . Unmold in punch bowl.  Add remaining bottle of Daiquiri Mix, rum, fruit and soda.Stir lightly
YIELDS:26 servings

First you must make food plain tea using the method below;
4 tea bags and 4 cups of water
place tea bags into teapot or heatproof pitcher or bowl. Boil the water, add to tea bags, let stand five minutes. Remove the tea bags, squeezing them to drain. Cool at room temperature, never refrigerate this will cause the tea to cloud
4 cups of good plain tea
2 cups unsweetened pineapple juice
pineapple wedges and mint leaves
stir teaand pineapple juice together well. Fill tall glasses with ice, add tea mixture. Grnish with pineapple wedges and mint
YIELDS: 6 eight ounce servings at 45 calories  each

guest of all ages will enjoy this bubbly punch, perfect for birthday parties
1 carton Holland House Instant Tom collins mix (6 envelopes)
1 quart water
1 quart orange sherbet
1 bottle lemon lime soda 28 oz
Dissolve Tom Collins mix in water in punch bowl. Chill. At serving time add sherbet and stir lightly/ Spoon a little sherbet into each portion.
YIELDS : 25 servings

Rich creamy punch that is a favorite with children and grownups alike

1 bottle of Holland House Black Russian Mix
1 quart cold milk
1 pint vanilla or coffee ice cream
comv=bine Black russian mix , milk and half the ice cream. Beat until frothy ladle into 8 oz glassses. top each serving with aspoonful of remaining ice cream.
YIELDS:8 servings

sunny apricot flavor delights your Easter dinner table.
1 bottle Holland Hous Apricot Sour Mix
2 quart dairy eggnog
1 pint vanilla ice cream, softened
chill all ingredients. Combine in a punch bowl and beat until frothy. Dust with nutmeg.

Easy screwdriver ice ring studded with jewel like fruits, deck this champagne reception punch
2 pkgs (10 oz each) frozen mixed fruit
8 envelopes of Holland House Instant screwdriver Mix
1 quart water
1 bottle Whiskey Sour mix
1 pint brandy
2 bottles champagne, chilled
Thaw fruits just enough to separate, place in bottom of 1& 1/2 quart ring mold.Refreeze. Dissolve ScrewdiverMix in water and add mixture to mold. Freeze solid. Chill remaining ingredients. At serving time, quickly dip mold into warm water to loosen,and turn into punchbowl. Add remaining ingredients.
YIELDS: 30 servings

toast the occasion with universally appealing orange flavor punch, sparked with a kumquat garnish
8 envelopes of Holland House screwdriver mix
1 quart water
1 fifth voka
1 jar preserved kumquats
1 bottle lemon or club soda chilled
1 ice block or mold
dissolve screwdriver-mix in water in a punch bowl. Add block of ice. Stir in vodka and kumquat syrup, add soda and stir lightly garnish each serving with a kumquat on a tooth pick

2 quarts water
1 tsp mace
1 tsp allspice
2 lemons, peel long strips
1 gallon cranberry-orange juice chilled
1 quart lemon soda chilled
*simple sugar syrup as needed
orange slice, thin as needed
lemon slices, thin as needed
bring water to a full rolling boil. remove from heat, add tea bag, spicesand lemon peeel. Cover let stand 5minutes. Remove tea bag and lemon peel. Cool. Chill. At serving time pour tea into punch bowl add cranberryorange juice, and lemon soda. Sweeten to taste with simple syrup*. Add ice . Garnish with orange and lemon slices
YIELDS: 2 gallons
*combine equal measure of sugar and water:boil 5 minutes to make simple syrup. cool*

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