Thursday, May 3, 2012


To make two quarts  of clear, sparkling iced tea; bring 2 quarts water to rolling boil; immediately pour over 4 level tbs of your favorite loose tea. (If tea bags use 12) Now set kitchen timer; let tea steep (stand) just 3 minutes. This is important because if you over brew tea, it WILL cloud! Then stir tea; strain into warm pitcher; pour into ice-filled glasses, or..... cover and let stand (DO NOT REFRIGERATE) until teatime. Don't keep overnight.
To add when Steeping:
bit of grated orange rind
rose-geranium leaf, few cloves
few crushed mint sprigs
cinnamon sticks and a few cloves
To add when Serving:
lemon,lime or orange wedge. placed on rim of glass,
small pitcherful lemon, lime pineapple or orange juice.
Cream or cinnamon whipped cream
Sugar, white corn syrup, or honey to sweeten
Strawberry or red cherry garnish
lemon rind cut into corkscrew shape
Pineapple spears or chunks
mint sprigs dusted with sugar
Strawberry jam or orange marmalade
Pineapple chunks and strawberry strung on sippers(straws)
CInnamon stick as stirrer
Dash angostura bitters
Carnished Ice cubes
ice cubes of menonade or lem or lime juice
Tiny scoop of lemon sherbet


Claudia said...

Beautifully refreshing! Love the sparkle. We drink iced tea all summer and fun to have new "takes" on it.

Pet said...

Sparkling meaning with bubbles? I do not get it.
Anyway, ice tea with bubbles sounds like a rather sparkling idea indeed! :-)

1-2Punch said...

Dear Pet, I think it is referring to sparkling clean..clear you know like crystal clear versus cloudy.