Monday, August 20, 2012


This sounds like the perfect cheesy bread with this "nippy cheese sauce you can't buy"
1/2 cup PET evaporated milk
1/2 parmesan cheese
1-2 garlic cloves pressed
2-3 green onions finely chopped (optional)
mix PET and cheese in small bowl. Let stand for 5 minutes add garlic and green onions and stir. Sliced loaf of fresh french bread, spread on each slice. wrap in foil and heat on outdoor grill or oven. Can also be used for pizza sauce, in green salads or spooned onto baked potatoes.


Pet said...

I thought you were putting ME in the recipe ! :-)

1-2Punch said...

Oh PET you are funny, I actually made this one last night to put on fresh baby red potatoes and it was....a bit garlicky, however tasted great on the chicken!