Sunday, June 8, 2014


Here's a fresh idea for a summer party a quick and easy meal or appetizer. Serve with pita or artesian bread. Try it with the WOK.
Steam cooking offers innumerable advantages over boiling. Steaming controls the texture and color of foods, especially vegetables. And it is more nutritious since vitamins are not lost to the cooking water.
place steam rack to work and add water to just below the rack. To hold the food to be steamed, put a ceramic plate or pie tin on the rack. Bring the water to slow boil and cover.


any fish
green onions
minced garlic
sesame or olive oil
soy sauce.

wash fish inside and out and place it on the plate. cover and steam until the fish flakes with a fork about 8-15 minutes depending upon the size of the fish. While the fish is steaming cut a few green onions in 3inch pieces and split several times lengthwise. Boil 2 or 3 tbs of cooking oil with minced garlic. When fish is done remove to serving platter, pour on the boiling oil and garnish with the green onions. Serve with light soy sauce.

3 large bell peppers
1/4 pound fresh shrimp
1 tbs cornstarch
10 water chestnuts
1 stalk green onion
halve and seed bell peppers. Slice into 1 inch squares. Arrange on a plate. Set aside. Shell and de-vein shrimp. Mariant in sherry for 13 minutes. Drain and chop. Place in a small bowl, add cornstarch. With your fingers work the cornstarch into the shrimp, Coarsely chop water chestnuts, mince green onion, including the white stalk and mix with the shrimp. Fill each bell pepper shell with a mound of shrimp and set on a plate.
put peppers on plate on rack over boiling water, cover and steam 10 minutes. Remove and serve warm or at room temperature with small dishes of light soy sauce.

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