Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Every Thanksgivng I prepare something yummy for the breakfast table, usually something sweet and sticky. This year I am trying something a bit different, less sweet, and a bit bubbly....
Turkey Trot participant
2 cups cold tomato juice
1 tsp liquid hot pepper seasoning
2 tbs lime juice
24 pickled cocktail onions
1 medium size lime cut in 8 wedges
1 to 1 1/2 bottle cold brut style dry champagne, or cold sparkling water*
In a pitcher, mix together tomato juice pepper seasoning, and lime juice, keep cold. On each of 8 thin wooden skewers, thread 3 onions, tuck loaded skewer into a tall glass. Put lime wedges in a dish.
To make each serving place 1 onion swizzle stick in a champagne flute or wine glass. Pour 1/4 cup tomato juice mixture into each glass, then fill with sparkling wine or mineral water; squeeze and drop a lime wedge into glsass and stir with swizzle.
*virgin version is the one I am stickin to as I am walking the annual TURKEY TROT at 8 am.

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now I lay me down to sleep


Pet said...

I hope it went well, and that you all had a great Thanksgiving weekend.
It doesn't sound like a bad start at all, I must say!

1-2Punch said...

Thank you , my friend, it all went smashingly, we all slept in and went to a movie before going to dinner!