Thursday, November 29, 2012


To "GROK" A martian word meaning literally "to drink" and metaphorically "to be one with"
from the Robert Heinlein novel, "Stranger in a Strange Land"....anyway that is what I always think of when I see the word...GLOGG...which is  a traditional Scandinavian drink for holiday cheer. In a way that is what we are doing when we get together in this season, we become one. So I say let us GROK this holiday season and start it off with some GLOGG!
There are 100,000 ways of making glogg, the revered Yule quaff of Scandinavia. Every family has its own method. Some use sherry, port or Madeira, other..burgundy, or claret, combined with vodka, cognac or aquavit. Special glogg kettles are available, ususally of copper  with wire racks to hold a mound of sugar lumps. Any attractive kettle may be used of course along with a cake rack that fits over the top. 
This is one of the easiest and most delicious of gloggs:

2quarts of red wine
1 cup rasins
1 cups shelled almonds
12 prunes
whole cloves
cardamom seeds
2 cinnamon sticks
peel of one orange
2 cups sugar cubes
2 cups vodka or aquavit or cognac
In large kettle, combine all ingredients, cover bring to a boil, reduce heat and simmer for 10 minutes. Set on electric warming tray to keep hot. Place a wire rack over top of kettle and pile with 2 cups sugar, cubes. heat vodka slightly, ignite spirits and carefully pour flaming over the sugar which will join the conflagration and fall in lovely little spurts of flames into the hot spice wine. Allow to burn long enough to dazzle your guests, then dunk any remaining sugar into the drink. Stir. Serve in demitasse cups, provide small spoons for eating the goodies. Don't eat the spices!

2 bottle of dry red wine
2 bottle of port
2 cups aquavit
(or gin)
2 cups seedless raisins
2 cups blanched almonds
the slivered peel of an orange
2 tbs cardamom crushed with a mortar and pestle
10 whole cloves
2 sticks of cinnamon
1 1/2 cups of sugar
In a 6 quart enamel pot mix all ingredients, cover and let stand for 8 hours to let the flavor develop and mingle. When ready to serve, stir well and bring the mixture to a full boil over high heat. Serve immediately right from the pot, in mugs. Serve with a small spoon to scoop up the raisins and almonds. Keep warm for seconds.
YIELDS:20 servings

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