Sunday, June 30, 2013


Isn't that a great name?...SAZERAC! I'ts like a word a magician would use...Alakazam, Sazerac! Yeah well, anyway... it is the name of a type of glass and a drink that is named after the type of glass.


or this.....
1/2 tsp Pernod
1 Sazerac glass
1/2 lump of sugar
3-4 dashes of Angostura bitters
enough water to cover the sugar
2 oz Bourbon
2 ice cubes
twist of lemon peel
place 1/2 tsp of Pernod in the Sazerac glass, swirl until glass is coated. Add sugar cube, bitters and water. Muddle well, until sugar is completely dissolved. Put 2 cubes of ice in glass, and add Bourbon over ice, stir, add lemon twist.

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Elisabeth Foodandthrift said...

Thank you for your kind comment on my blog.

Enjoyed watching the video of the Sazerac Bar. Great cocktail; if I ever get to New Orleans, will have to check out that nice bar!