Thursday, May 9, 2013


That was my daughters comment, on a recent trip to the Oregon Coast, at the restaurant we dined at in Seaside...Finns. When I looked at the ingredients that were in the drink, and counted them...1,2,3,4,5, I said that's a punch! Many of the wild drinks served today are actually punch recipes. You would think I would now post some of those but instead I am posting....

My daughter "T"

Advance preparation: You'll save lots of time by starting with a bottle or carton of Holland House Cocktail Mix as the punch base. Simply open and gently empty envelopes into the container, the other ingredients will blend in more haroniously if all are combined with the base ahead of time and then chilled. Add the ice, soda or sprakling wine and garnishes at serving time.

Ice: A large block of ice melts more slowly than cubes and dilutes the punch less. To make your won, freeze water in a baking pan, metal bowl, be sure the ice block will fit into your punch bowl. The Cool whip containers are perfect!

Garnishes :Fresh, frozen or canned fruits will flavor and decorae a punch bowl. Adding frozen fruit unthawed will help chill the punch Soon some fruit into each oportion when serivng the punch.

Soda or sparkling wines: These should be well chilled before adding to the punch. Pour them in at the last moment to keep the bubbles bubblu and stir lightly to mix.

Serving Size: servings in the recipes are usually about 4 ounces (punch size cup)

A last word: When preparing for  a large group, most punch recipes are for a yield of 25-30, its easier to prepare two punch bowls than to stop mid party to mix up another batch

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